We help US companies set up and operate in the UK

You may already be considering foreign investment to set up a business in the UK or sell into Europe. Kevin Beare & Co is a UK accounting firm that can help, with accounts, company administration, business development and marketing services.

Some of the services we offer include:

There are circumstances where an online presence is not
enough and you need a more complete and localised setup.
These circumstances could be for example:

  • You want to employ staff and have premises
  • You are selling regulated goods or services such as financial services or medicine
  • You are seeking funding in Europe
  • You want to optimize taxes
  • You want to improve the perceptions partners and customers have of your business
  • You want a local marketing operation

Kevin Beare & Co was established to provide excellent UK accounting firm services, administrative and advisory support to companies outsourcing their local Financial Director requirements and back office administration.

However companies need more to succeed. Even with a great product and all the necessary accounting, legal and compliance issues taken care of, companies trying to break into new markets need local help to optimise their opportunities.

UKTI UKAN Member firmWe are proud to be included in the U.K Advisory Network. The Network consists of members with essential knowledge and invaluable expertise of doing business in the UK, all of whom must complete a rigorous application process.

Specialist UK accountant help at the right time plus access to local knowledge is required to achieve early success. Companies cannot afford to wait for the market to start buying its services; they have to be able to influence sales channels from the outset.

For example, Employment at Will is not allowed in the UK and is illegal. This is one of the many culture differences between the US and the UK and often the first topic of discussion when assisting a client enter the UK marketplace. 

We have an extensive group of experienced professionals working in many sectors and many disciplines, so if you have an issue with set-up in the UK, difficulty-gaining access in key markets, or problems building your team or sales pipeline, just ask.